FSM 7 – Abidjan 2023

World Emptying Challenge



What is the World Emptying Challenge?

FSMA is proud to host and support the World Emptying Challenge in our conferences. Past FSM Conferences have acted as a “gathering place” for the Emptiers and their associations to interact and share knowledge and their stories.

For FSM6, the World Emptying Challenge has gone virtual! 

Emptying professionals from around the world are showcasing their daily work on (and in) the ground in short, “homemade” films – (made by emptiers themselves). Teams of emptiers have submitted their videos that show the various steps of their emptying process:

● Emptying of the pit/septic tank
● Cleaning up
● Disposal/Reuse
● Teamwork

These videos are shared online, with the hope for greater sector engagement with emptiers. We believe that greater visibility is the path to bridging the gap between emptier professionals and the rest of the sector.


Voting will come in the form of ‘likes’ from viewers. Here you will find the videos created by our emptier community from around the world. Simply hit the LIKE button on the videos you like best. The winners will receive cash prizes!!! 

Please spread the word, share the links and show the world!!!

🥇1st Prize: 250 Euro
🥈2nd prize: 150 Euro
🥉3rd Prize: 100Euro


The winners will be announced on Friday 4th June, at the Closing Ceremony, dropped at 06:00 AM CET


We also have a playlist which features videos that did not make it into the prize category. These videos did not meet the requirements exactly BUT we loved them so much that we decided to share. Watch, share and learn!

You can watch these videos here. 


Alongside the video challenge, we also invite pit-emptiers to discuss their work
experience, and also invite them to speak on any issues they face that need addressing. This will be in a short Q&A format.

Do you have any questions for our World Emptying Challengers? Please write your questions here, and we will discuss them at FSM6 Conference


Purpose of the challenge

  • Help elevate the profile and visibility of the pit latrine emptying profession
  • Actively demonstrate the importance and value of the demanding work essential for maintaining healthy living environments
  • Raise awareness of safe, effective and efficient FSM practices and techniques
  • Instill a sense of recognition, motivation and empowerment in competitors
  • Underline the need for more qualified male and female professionals in the field
  • Recognition of the vital role of emptiers in city-wide inclusive sanitation (CWIS) 
  • Recognition of the benefits of small capital investments to build better businesses. 


  • Elevated employability of sanitation workers 
  • More and diverse sanitation job opportunities
  • Sanitation systems strengthened through a bottom-up approach that integrates skills and know-how of pit latrine emptiers
  • Funding directed towards small capital investments to enable emptiers to build better businesses.

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